Dairy Farm and Production


A cheese born of a wish to offer the best taste there is, of respect to people who eat cheese. We enjoy our lives: the daily love and nurture of our animals, the work put in to gather feed and offer it to the animals, the joy of milk and the pleasure of making quality cheese. The cheese is made of whole milk gathered from the cattle we aptly call the Dotsies. We have decided not to add anything to the milk that doesn’t keep us from making the cheese, nor do we rid the milk of anything. We put extra care into proccesing our milk so it is and will be whole and pure. The cheese matures in a traditional aging chamber on wooden shelves where they are taken care of in methods characteristic to them. Today we offer young cheese (Mini and Classic) and cheese that has been aged 3 months (Grand). In February we are ready to cut open our first 6-months-aged cheese, ready to be offered to our customers. In addition to that we are expecting our first 1-year-aged cheese in August.


My name is Andre Mini. I’m young and unpretentious. I intergate well with the environment. I am a good communicator and a pleasant companion in simplest situations. A true friend every day! 🙂 11€


My name is Andre Classic. I ripen in four weeks and am a pleasant start to every day – nutritional with every bite whenever You wish, just like a true cheese should be. I am dearly beloved among children as well as adults, who rediscover their childhood in me. 10€/kg


My name is Andre Grand. Aged 3 months on a wooden shelf, I’ve been twisted and turned daily with great care. Thanks to it one can feel notes of caramel and nuts in every bite, topping it off with a creamy aftertaste. I love a good company and enjoy a multitude of flavors. 11€/kg

You can order cheese by just writing to us what kind of cheese you want and how much- juust@andrefarm.ee

Anywhere in Estonia starting form one kilo we send the cheese without any postage. Plus we like to add a little surprise!

Places where you can buy our cheese:

Tartu: Lõunakeskus Taluturg, (Andre Minis sold there)  (Ringtee 75)

Veinimaailm winestore (Andre Mini, Andre Classic and Andre Grand sold there) (Fortuuna 1)

Pärnu: Pärnu keskus Taluturg, (Andre Mini) (Aida 7)

Tallinn and Harjumaa:

Kaubamaja Toidumaailm Kaubamaja Foodstore: (Classic and Grand)

Stockmann foodstore, Liivalaia 53: (Grand and Classic)

Sadamaturg,  (Andre Mini) (Sadama 25/4)

Nõmme turg/Nõmme Market at Haldjaleib kiosk: (Andre Mini)

Torokse Talupood-Kohvik, müügil (Andre Mini, Calssic and Grand) (Soo 26)

Rebaseonu.ee farm market at Tabasalu Rimi: (Grand and Classic)

Põlva: Põlva Talupood, (Andre Mini and Grand) (Jaama 52)

The list is worth keeping an eye on because there will be more places to add! :)